Frequently asked questions

How many colors does the printer use?

Five colors, CMYKW: cyan, magenta, yellow,black and white - Custom UV inks

Does the wall need to be completely flat?

We offer the world leading Ultrasonic sensor for wall preview, No need for perfectly flat walls, our wall printers print high quality wall murals or wall printed pictures on uneven surfaces.

What type of image file will I need to upload?

JPG, TIFF, PDF, PNG, PSD For quoting purpose low resolution is okay.

Is the wall printer for interior or exterior applications?

Indoors can last up to 10 years with little fading without direct sunlight, and 5 years outdoors.

What is the maximum print size?

The standard print height is 9.75 ft with an unlimited width however we can bring in scaffolding to print just about any height.

What materials can you print on?

Latex paint wall, brick wall, drywall, paper, wood and on non-absorbent surfaces such as: glass, tile and metal.

How long does it take to print?

It depends on the size and resolution of the image but most jobs are completed in less than a day.